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The age refers to the draft relevant age. For the NHL draft, a player must be 18 by Sept 15 of the draft year. Rather than listing raw age, which makes it difficult to determine who is draft eligible, we list the age on Sept 15 of the draft that follows the season in question. So, if you want to only see the stats of players eligible for the 2021 draft, you would look at players who are listed as 18 in the 2020-2021 season.

The formula is convert_to_years(date(<season_end_year>-09-15) - player_birthdate)

eTOI - estimated time on ice
The junior leagues don't provide time on ice data, so we estimate it by assuming the number of goal events (either a goal for or goal against) a player is on for as a percentage of their team's total is proportional to their time on ice as a percentage of their team's. For example, if a player was on for 100 goals during a season and their team experienced 400 goal events in the games in which the player played, we would assume was on the ice 25% of the time, and thus give the player a 25% share of the icetime in those games.
This system is likely to overstate the TOI of high event players, who experience more goal events per unit of time.
All "e" stats use eTOI.